Lolli and Sass


I'm Shahaila, but only my family calls me that. Everyone else calls me Shay. I'm creative, sassy, a little sarcastic, a lot loyal and married to the love of my life. Together we have 5 adult children, a granddaughter and a grandson. Our grand kids are the are the ones who made me a Lolli. My husband is a 20 year veteran of the US Army and even in civilian life he continues to guide young men. We all live in the Military town of Lawton, Oklahoma, where you can see the most beautiful sunsets overlooking Mt. Scott, while wild buffalo graze around you, so pretty much living the dream!

Sass is my youngest daughter and she helps a lot but her real passion is makeup! So she is always with me in name, but not always here in design. 

I grew up in Southern California, which was amazing! I spent a great deal of time on the beach but my true love was the mountains. I absolutely love hiking and camping. My peaceful place is under the cover of trees exploring the wonders of nature or gliding across a lake on a kayak, there's nothing more serene.  I wholeheartedly believe my love for nature guides my eye in floral design. 

I found sola wood flowers while I was getting in touch with my creative side, after a major life change in 2015 left me looking for a new purpose. I remember sitting in my friend's pool and we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do with ourselves, now that our children were grown-ish. I talked about wedding decor and how it would be cool to set up a rental company that rented decorations for Weddings and Events. I focused on signs and practicing many different crafts, but nothing seemed quite right. I had some sola, from a sale, and incorporated the flowers into some of my designs. I liked working with them, but something still felt off. 

Then Luv Sola Flowers appeared and everything seemed to fit. They have this amazing relationship with an awesome teacher, with a supportive community, and I devoured her lessons. I had never been one to listen to someone else talk, but she reminded me of the way I work. I continued to watch, learn and grow. I started to discover that all the other things I had been working on, fit into what I wanted to do with Sola and I started to get excited. It felt like it was a sign from God, I had finally found what I was suppose to be doing. 

Luckily I have the most amazing and patient spouse, who has allowed me to find my passion again and a caring heavenly father who knows my heart better than I do. 

Love, Shahaila

-but you can call me Shay